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Still Life With

July 21, 2012 By: admin Category: Love

Still Life With Tray, Lyubov Popova

Author and naturalist, Terry Tempest Williams has a way with translations. She sees the natural world and writes about it in a way that’s universal. She has been through a lot and sees the benefit of translation. “Sometimes,” she seems to say in her writings, “you don’t have to say the thing directly.

My brother, Michael, was the first person I heard say that humans could change. From year to year, he suggested, you could decide your own life, become whatever you wanted to become. At the time, at the tender, glorious age of 20, he also said that humans weren’t meant to be with only one person for their entire lives, that that was unhealthy. This, from a man who recently celebrated his ten-year wedding anniversary. 😉

From a long, old example, I know that when you get a clear message, ignoring it can destroy your life. It can end the youth you had so been looking forward to. When Mom died the door of a chapter was closing and, out of instinct, I ran and stuck my foot in it. Years later, my foot was forcibly removed and the door slammed shut.

If I choose to listen, I can walk into the next chapter with grace.