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Al Jolson (recurring post theme)

November 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Jolson

I’m embarking on a new journey: fiction film. I’m about to make my first. It’s a short based on a short story by one of my favorite authors. I’ve known of this piece since I was 18, when I first heard someone speak one of the stories in the author’s book of short stories as a monologue. Rachel, the young actress, lived two doors down from me in the dorm at NYU and was putting herself through school. She was one of the most impressive people I have ever met…

Anyway, a little over a years ago I started storyboarding the piece. I needed something to do that would totally take over my concentration. I was still so sore about breaking with Molly, and had been unemployed for a long time. I needed a project that would consume me. Storyboarding is tough in any case, but it’s even harder when you can’t draw. :)

I sat on the piece, only half-storyboarded, because I ran out of gas and started working a bit. Then I took more time because I couldn’t find the right people to work on it. Now I have the two key people, the lead actress and the camera operator, and am ready to start again in earnest.

Karin, the actress, is mesmerizing. She’s a stage actress, but has a presence that SCREAMS on film. I’ve filmed her a bunch at local friend’s shows and finally had that “ah-ha!” about casting her. She loves the piece too, and we’ve started the long to brainstorming and workshopping. This film will only work as a collaboration. It’s about an emotional agreement, and so the working team has to be in the same headspace.

The camera op is a still photographer and a friend. He has a wonderful eye, loves beautiful women–which Karin is–and has a deep, passionate soul. What I needed was for the core team, the three of us, to all be nice people in addition to having the necessary talents. Gonzalo brings an eagerness, a calm strength, and the kind of passionate curiosity you’d only find in a Latin… 😉

So, we’re off! Karin is working on another show for the next couple of weeks, which gives me time to go over storyboards with Gonzalo and try to select a short “scene” we can shoot as a test. he and I, also being camera-obesessed-will also test a few different cameras to see what we like for a look.

It’s very exciting. A perfect challenge for my artistry and meditation. I’ll have to listen more than anything else. Can’t wait. :)