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Just A Bit of Sunlight…

April 06, 2009 By: admin Category: Happiness, Living, Love, Video

This morning I went back to story boarding a short story by one of my favorite writers. Soon I’ll have to chase her down for the rights to make it into the short film I envision. I’ve been thinking a lot about making short narrative films on my own. I wonder if I can do it. I always get so sick of having to wait for others to get their shit together, and have always had great success working alone, that I’m considering the nearly impossible, with a smile on my face. You know I can do it. I know I can do it. Hell, everyone knows I can do it – so then, let’s give it a try…


“Tell me things I won’t mind forgetting. Make it useless stuff or skip it.”

I started storyboarding at the end of the summer. I’d needed a distraction and thought that was a good time to get into narrative filmmaking. The distraction part worked, but then, as I frequently do in my process, I hit a wall. I reached a point in the story where I didn’t have an idea for how to proceed next. The images, inspirations for the next scene weren’t coming, so I shelved the project… As the weeks past I got very busy. Then, this morning, I found myself in need again for a serious distraction, and so I reached for the book and my old hand-drawn storyboards. Damned if they aren’t wonderful… :)

Reading through them I got to the place where I’d hit the wall before. Reading the troublesome scene this time, though, there was no wall, and so images came easily. I wrote them all down, and drew five more storyboards.

I’ll finish this project soon. Maybe on the train to New York this week. I need to finish it, and I need to make this movie. For me. There’s a lot here, in this heart, that needs cuddling and so if the arms aren’t present to do it for me I’ll have to do it for myself. Somehow I knew that when I was younger. Even while Mom was alive I was somehow able to be okay at a distance from her, and when I was single. Was it all just the ignorance born of a lack of experience? Probably…

I’m filling my time these days. Working. Always working. I think about taking a vacation and can’t seem to figure out what place would make me happy. I’m in transition. I get that. But this time I’m not rushing it. There’s no great agenda and, truly, no great hope for a particular outcome. All I know is that I can work hard and produce good films, so I’m doing that. When the chances arise to hang out with good friends, I do that too. For now, that’s a life, and I’m not looking for anything more at the moment. Just a bit of sunlight while I’m working.

“I’m A Very Busy Woman, I Don’t Have Time for A Stroke.” –Jill Bolte Taylor

April 02, 2009 By: admin Category: Happiness, Living, TED

Another amazing TED talk. This is a brain scientist who takes us through her own stroke step by step. It’s not what you think… Enjoy!