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The Album Is F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!

December 28, 2008 By: admin Category: General

M. drops The Album in the mail today. It’s on it’s way to the printer who will add a barcode and “press” 2,500 CDs which will be waiting for us when we get back from India. Going through this process was really tough. Watching M agonize, then rejoice, then flip out with worry over all kinds of things. The worst was when she doubted herself, as all artists do. I would do my best to bring her out of it

“Finding I can Fly…”

December 28, 2008 By: admin Category: General


Sometimes you see or hear something so beautiful you want to just sit down, right where you are, and just…

When I hear this song, sung my by my beautiful, incredible Molly, I can’t do anything except sit and try to take in all the eternity. Her voice has a purity that I think the world has been waiting for for a long, long, long time… Maybe now we’re ready. I can’t wait to find out…

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Shove(l) It

December 18, 2008 By: admin Category: Beer, Food, House, Winter 2008


This was the work of the Lord from this morning. I knew about the big storm coming tomorrow so I wanted to clear the driveway so it wasn’t deathtrap, but also wanted to clear the garage so I could stick my car in there. The ole’ girl (the car) is eleven years old and is the only car I’ve got, so I wanna baby it…

Anyway, I was doing a yeoman’s job of cracking and sort of “pushing” the ice and snow with… ahem… my pitchfork, when Along Came Tony The Nosey Neighbor. Tony is a perfectly nice guy, but he’s a realtor, and there’s this thing about him that just makes you think you need to always face him and keep your back towards the door. Seriously. People say hello to him and everything, but he always wants to see inside the house or the workroom, AND I DON’T WANT HIM TO!!!! I also find myself lying to him about what I do and what the workroom is for. I say I work for AOL, but not as a filmmaker, and I say the workspace in the studio is just my office.

*shudder* Dude creeps me out…

Anyway, as odd as he is, Tony helped A TON. He brought his shovel and shoved all the ice I broke up, and then helped me get this huge, gorgeous (FREE!) desk from the garage into the workroom. Sadly, that was when he saw my studio ^%$%$@$#!%$#$#%^. Still, no harm was done except to my crawling skin…

Tomorrow we get snow. Real snow. Storm, storm, storm until Saturday. It’s funny to think of Vince & Irene in this weather – they wouldn’t even blink. They would have stocked up on essentials like we did out here, but they wouldn’t be freaking out like a lot of folks are out here. The lines at Trader Joe’s were average, but the lines at the liquor store… good god…

Good to know where Bostonians’ priorities are. 😉

1st Snow That’s Sticking

December 17, 2008 By: admin Category: Happiness, Health, House, India, The Film


The storm windows are all down, and the house is dotted with Christmas decorations from my childhood. Mostly Swedish stuff. I’m Peruvian, I know, but my mother was obsessed with Swedish design and so all of our Christmas decorations are Swedish Christmas decorations… :)



I woke up this morning to a healthy 2-inch layer of snow covering everything. I haven’t experienced this since before I moved to California 5 years ago. And now, waking up to it again–that cozy feeling of being warm and protected–in my own house, is incredible. :)

Also, speaking of waking up, I had a good night’s sleep last night! For those who have been following along, I’ve been exhausted since November. Working on the Shuktara film just about killed, but now the schedule’s back to normal, and so these days I’m concentrating on health. :)

Anyway, today will be a busy day, despite the coziness. I’ll fire-up the woodstove and will toil in the workroom until it’s time to go and learn how to feed my neighbor’s cats. He’s going away for a few days and his cats are a handful, apparently. I’m looking forward to a vacay myself this weekend. I’ll be going to the Vineyard for a full week. :) No swimming, but lots of relaxing, good friends, and movies!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about India, lately. Every day something will come into my mind, and it’s not about the film at all, it’s about Kolkata. I find it so strange that I have this huge feleing of love for a place that’s so hard to live in day to day. I can’t understand sometimes how Alison and Bryan  and David do it until I get flooded with this sense of love and warmth and… happiness. Maybe the dirty and crazy and unimaginable aspects are what make it wonderful, I don’t know… I just know that when someone is affected by India, you can tell. Working with DJ & Christy was such a relief because I had people who could relatewhen I just burst out crying. We weren’t working on any scenes that were particularly sad, but, every once in a while, one of us would just break down.

There’s so much you want to do–for everyone–in Kolkata, and when you realize that you really can’t do very much, it breaks you. The first evolution (and Alison & Bryan will correct me on this..) comes when you wake up from your self-involved melodrama and realize that anything you can do is frequently enough. You just have to have the balls to figure out what that is, and then go do it.

There’s not a lot I can do for all the people I love in India, namely, the Soma Girls, Uddami, and the Shuktara kids. But what I can do, I am doing: I can make films and tell their stories. And I can keep doing that until it’s clear the message is getting out there, i.e., donations to each organization are coming in regularly. :)

The first snow always brings about these feelings of romantic altruism, but the feeling is, none the less, an honest one. :) For all of you out there who have never visited India, I encourage you to make some plans. There’s magic there…:)

At Long Last

December 08, 2008 By: admin Category: Beer, House, India, Music, The Film, Video


The film is DONE. It’s amazing. DJ & Christy saw the latest version this morning and cried. They love it. They’re coming this week to finalize stuff and then we’re dropping in the mail to the Rochester Film Fest! I think that’s the one… Anyway, I look forward to sleeping again. It’s been a month. :)

Next steps are to get Molly unpacked and sift through all our combined stuff to see what I can use for the house. I’m excited as Molly has a keen eye for decoration and knows how important efficiency is for me.

So, things are happening. It’s the next phase “in all this.” I’ll be able to write more once I’ve gotten a few days of sleep. :)

In other news Molly and Mali’s pictionary party was last night at Cloud Club – tons of fun! It’s great to have Molly out here and bonding with kick-ass musicians in this cool, new scene. One guy makes his own beer and had some at the party – it was amazing!!! Anyway, more later. :)