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Finally, TV Looks Like My Life

November 25, 2008 By: admin Category: Campaign 2008, Family, Living, News, Politics


I always tell people (cuz it’s true) that the thing that got me into television production was that I didn’t ever see my own life represented on screen. With an immigrant mother and international scientist father, and living, as we did, in a university town, my youth was spent exposed to many, many cultures all the time. But all I saw on TV was Tom Selleck, Charlie’s (caucasian) Angels, and Walter Cronkite.

Today, thanks, in part, to the 2-year presidential campaign starring Barack Obama, we now see all cultures, and WOMEN!, featured all over CNN – one of the most watched networks in the country. There’s Kiran Chetry, Soledad O’Brien, and Betty Nguyen to name just a few!

If the next four years offer us anything it’s a window of opportunity. Only the truly stupid, self-absorbed and unmotivated will fail to succeed in their endeavors in the coming presidential term, because more than blazing a trail in the political sector, President-Elect Obama’s election throws open the doors of precedence. And I, for one, intend to set some.

Women can’t be denied in the same way – the old “old boy” arguments will fall short and sound silly, and any racism will immediately identify a person as backward and uneducated outside of their home town. The retort to a racist comment could be: “You go ahead and say what you want to say, I’m going to go over here and run for President.” Beat that with a stick.


November 21, 2008 By: admin Category: Love, Mom, Music


Listening to Molly sing again after 3 months of silence is incredible. Like stepping into a warm bath after a hellish day.

We’re at Mike and Laura’s so Molly can use the piano to practice before her show. Her voice breaks me. It sounds like my whole life: past, present, and everything that will happen (or that I hope will happen) in the future.

Right now she’s playing “Refuge.” I helped her with that title… Mom was dying when Molly started noodling around with this one riff. Then, after Mom died, she wrote simply the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard in your whole life. I was re-reading Terry Tempest Williams’ “Refuge” at the time and hoping to turn it into a screenplay. In addition to telling the story of the fluctuation of Great Salt Lake in Utah, the book described the journey of the loss of Terry’s mother to cancer. The same things that happened to Terry happened to me, and when I heard this song coming from the living room I burst into tears. I ran into the room after she was done and feel into Molly’s arms.

Hearing this song right now and finally having Molly here – moved for good – brings me back to CA and I find myself nostalgic and sad. I had a good time there. There were pressures the likes of which I’d never felt and hopefully never will again, but, in all, it was a transforming time for me, personally and professionally.

I have this thing about cities: I think they have personalities. New York is hard and direct, but honest and loving and loyal if you pass all the tests up front; Boston is sweet and nurturing and completely honest and relaxing and beautiful; and L.A. is professionally challenging, well-meaning, and always wants you to do well, even in the face of fucked-up Hollywood. I owe a lot to L.A. and will always think on her favorably. I can’t ever live there cuz the people are too varied and it’s too hard to find the good ones, but the city itself is there for those with a strong work ethic and solid passion about their dreams.

The next few nights are devoted to editing this short film and getting it ready for the Dec. 15th fest deadline. If anyone ahs any spare tanks of oxygen out there, I might be needing them soon. 😉

This Is Not As Superficial As It Sounds

November 06, 2008 By: admin Category: Fatblogging, General, Happiness, Health, Living


My hero is Tim Gunn. Yes, THAT Tim Gunn. Of “Project Runway,” of “Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style.” Here’s the thing…. My mother used to cut my hair. Probably so did yours at one point. No worries, but that didn’t change for years and when it did nd I finally went to a salon, Mom was also the style consultant and things just got worse…

Anyway, after a long struggle of awareness friends finally taught me how to look for a stylist and things got a lot better. Sadly, fashion was also an issue, so no matter how good the haircut… anyway, you get the idea…

So, I go out to CA, Molly does a great job of helping me shop for things that fit, and things go well for 2-3 years. And now there’s now. 20 pounds of weight gain in CA (there’s no walking in L.A.) gave me a muffin top, I couldn’t fit into any of my new clothes anymore, so haircut or no, I looked like shit.

Cut to now. I’m back in Boston, walking, running, the weight has come off, I fit into everything, and now it’s time for a new haircut. To gear myself up about looking good again I watch “Tim Gunn’s Guide TO Style.” No sooner has the first Black president been announced thanI turn inward and start obsessing about my “look.” The thing is, I don’t have a look. I don’t have a style. YET! That’s where we come to today — I am officially hot on the trail of “cool filmmaker” clothes and style! I made an appt. with an expensive, sought-after hairstylist, and will be cleaning out my closet shortly!

It’s all because of Tim. I feel I can do it now, he’s given me the confidence. I’ll be auditioning for “Ignorable Lives of the Idle and Stupid” any time now… 😉


November 04, 2008 By: admin Category: Campaign 2008


338 to 155. I got my wish. Jesse Jackson cried. He stood next to Martin.

I don’t know what else to say. I am grateful.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

November 03, 2008 By: admin Category: Campaign 2008


I’ve been neglecting the blog because every time I go to write I begin to have a panic-attack about the election. It’s all I want to talk about much of the time but I feel I’m going to jinx Obama by waxing philosophic about the results.

Caren and I will be going over to Michael and Laura’s to eat and freak out among friends. 2000, y’all. That’s all that’s in my mind. I watched the returns in my Brooklyn apt, smiled at all the states going for Gore, but then had to go to sleep because I had work the next day. So, I called home and left the election in teh capable hands of my parents who were going to stay up no matter what. That was 2:00am. The following morning I woke up, as we all did, innocent as a spring lamb, and turned on the TV, ready for my victory. Well…

FRANTIC and furious I called my deliquent parents. “WTF HAPPENED??????” “Mijita, I don’t know… It was awful. There are ‘chads.'” (Now read that with a Spanish accent and you’ve got the moment…)

So, not surprisingly, I’m getting more than a little bit queasy about tomorrow’s election. Part of me doesn’t want to watch. That part wants to fly to Hawaii real quick and jump into the ocean until someone screams “270!!!” The other part wants Obama to not just win, I want him to slaughter John McCain. I want McCain to not break 200. I want it to be an UGLY loss. Brutal. Embarrassing. I want these things not because I think Sen. McCain is a bad guy, but because he’s going to have a fatal coronary from all the stress if he’s Pres. and then we’d be stuck with that woman. In the 60s draft-dodgers moved to Canada to avoid Vietnam, if Sarah Palin would ever become President I would move to space.

Deep breaths everyone. It’s going to be a rough day…