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I Wanted 20 More Years

August 26, 2007 By: admin Category: Body, Health, Living, Mom

It’s not even the anniversary of her death anymore, but the pain and surprise of emotion of Mom’s absence are still so close and intense. I was watching the news this morning and inadvertently flipped to “Trauma: Life In The ER.” There, I saw a story of an elderly couple. The woman had a blood clot in her brain that was paralyzing the left side of her body. You saw the struggle that her husband went through in deciding whether or not to approve a risky operation where surgeons would push a wire up through her capillaries to the clot to break it apart, thereby offering her some mobility back. The relationship between the couple reminded me of what I saw between Mom and Dad, and Mom, Michael and me. We were all such a team in the hospital, and it was understood by everyone around us that we were special. I’ve written this before, but I didn’t ever want THAT to be the reason I was seen by others as special.

Recently, on the Vineyard, Dad said quietly: “Yeah, you needed more time with her.” It was so sad to hear that from him. Good, but sad. It was a confirmation that makes everything else seem just not enough. I felt full with Mom, always. It’s so hard sometimes to pick myself up and go. But it does also put life’s issues into perspective. Safety and love and health are what become paramount. The safety or your loved ones. I’d do absolutely anything to protect M. Like buying her an expensive sleeping bag for Burning Man. It’s going to be COLD at night, and I don’t want this beautiful singer, this beautiful person getting cold. Mom would advise that we not skimp on the sleeping bag.

Goodnight, Moon.

Workin’, Workin’, Workin’

August 21, 2007 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Body, Cooking, Fatblogging, Food, Health, India, Music, New Orleans, Running, Video

M and Jessen are in M’s studio right now writing a song for the Ronal Lewis New Orleans video. This one’s going to be beautiful… I finished the “picture lock” last night at 1:00am, and am now cranking out the India vids for delivery to AOL India later this week. I’m taking the opportunity to teach myself Apple’s Color for FCP, cuz if you have footage from India, ya better make it pretty! So far I’ve eaten shit with Color twice. Can’t ever remember to render before I send it all back to FCP. I’m sure this is all fascinating for you all…

Anyway, pictures to come!

Running: 13 mins.!!!! New time on gthe new route! Guess good sleep helped again…
Blogging Dinner: Tiny lamb chops sauteed in olice oil and garlic salt, with a salad. Also, I went to a par-tay on Sunday and wore a teeny tank top for the first time since moving here!!!!!


August 18, 2007 By: admin Category: India, Video


The first India video I made still gets me. M and I had an incredible time there. It impacted us hugely. On our last day there, we were moping around, so sad to leave. Sad like you can’t imagine, as if we weren’t ever again going to see these people or this land that we’d come to love so much. On that morning, at breakfast, M said: “I see India whenever i close my eyes.” That’s exactly what it made me feel. It haunts me, but not in a bad way, in the way of feeling guilty for having left. There’s so much to do there that I feel awful to have left. It feels like betrayal.

I have the opportunity to go back in February. It’ll be on my own dime this time so I have to save up. But to have the chance to go back to Kolkata and film with Nandini is something only a real idiot would pass up.

Music, Music, Music

August 17, 2007 By: admin Category: India, Music, The Album, Video

Wow. M is a scary, scary genius. She just fixed “Despite The Warning” which I thought was an unreemable song. She did something so cool, y’all… Y’all are so going to want to buy this album for everyone you know. Mark the time: M is going to be famous. :)

In other news I had my Final Cut pro training today at the local Apple Store. Every once in a while, since I’m self-taught, I like to go back to the basic in shooting and editing and see how other folks do things. It’s always an eye-opening time. Today was all about Color, Apple’s color-correction offering inside Final Cut Studio 2. Meow, kitty. This thing is fuckin’ amazing. I wanted to learn it ASAP so I could use it on the India videos for AOL India. I’ll be sending those off soon.

Burning Man plans are going well. Nathan is so excited and that really jazzes me. It’ll so incredible to spend this time with him, in a place of such creativity and warmth that he loves so much. Turns out I’m not going to get a carport cuz, fuckit. Can’t afford it anyway. I’ll nap in Nathan’s shade structure if the heat gets to be too much. Take a deep breath. Girlfriend is going to fry. 😉

Alright, cheers, y’all. Have a great weekend. If Sarah is reading this, HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A BLAST IN ENGLAND!!!!!


August 16, 2007 By: admin Category: Campaign 2008, Iraq, Politics, Video

Holy mother of god…

Indians ‘a-Comin’!

August 15, 2007 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Body, Cooking, Fatblogging, Food, Health, Living, Mom, Music, New Orleans, Randomosity, Running, The Album, Video

I am so fortunate that I was able to spend time in New Orleans with the people that I did. I can’t think of a better Mardi Gras. Maybe if M had been there for the entire trip, it might have been better… 😉

My latest New Orleans video is up. It’s about the Mardi Gras Indians. It’s the 5th video in the series “New Orleans Voices” that I’m doing for Netscape. You can see some of them if you go to my videos page on Netscape. It’s pretty killer, but I think I love most of my videos… This particular vid is very close to my heart – the subject matter, anyway. A lot of folks worked real hard to get me some incredible access in New Orleans, and this, and ALL the New Orleans Voices videos are the result of that. Here’s to Troy, Jack and Michelle!!!

In other news: M wants to expand her video coverage of the album recording!!!! So, we’re going to take a cue from Bravo and will be interviewing her every night after she’s done with whatever she did that day. :) COOL, HUH????

Stay safe, y’all.

DINNER: leftover Dover Sole. The first time-’round wasn’t my best, I forgot to make greens, and something really odd happened to the rice. Still, the leftovers were edible and now they’re gone, which is good. We’re human recycle bins. Awesome.

RUNNING: KICKED ASS. Sometimes I think we chicks are enhanced by The Great Bleed. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel so fuckin’ powerful when I have my period, like tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound type powerful. WTF is that????

RANDOMOSITY: Zan emailed tonight and said she was rummaging through her pictures boxes and found the one of Mom standing on the dunes at the Cape. The one I framed. Wow…

Back To Normal

August 14, 2007 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Body, Cooking, Fatblogging, Food, Health, Running, The Album, Video

After an exhausting full day of shooting and two hellish days of fighting with encodes and uploads, I am back to my normal schedule. I did my run this morning and didn’t embarrass myself after so many days away from it (5!). I did the long loop, that is my regular route now, in 14.5 minutes. I promise that later today I’m going to drive the loop and see just how long it really is. It’s if truly over one mile, I’ll be amazed.

Other than work, work and work, I’m enjoying the evolution of M’s incredible album! She showed me a new edit for the one song that’s kind of the epic on the record. Or,w ell, there are a few epics, but this one is brand-new and really gets back to what M is best at in composing: the marriage of power, complexity and delicateness. Anyway, I’m VERY excited about her progress. FYI: because I was feeling all PMSy last night, M made me a beautiful dinner: filet mignon, portobello mushrooms, green beans and red wine. It was perfect. :)

Today is about making connections. I am prepping 2 news shoots that could be very cool. One is a one-off, thank goodness (filming an author talking about his book), the other is much more involved. Immigration and religion. Very cool. We’ll see!

Netscape at the One Care Now healthcare rally in L.A.

August 13, 2007 By: admin Category: Campaign 2008, NewsQuake!, Video, Web 2.0

When I saw Michael Moore’s new movie, “SiCKO” one story stuck in my mind and has remained in the forefront of my thoughts since I first heard it: that of 18-month-old Mychelle Keys as told by her mother, Dawnelle. In the following video Dawnelle tells hers and Mychelle’s stories at a rally organized by the One Care Now campaign in Los Angeles in support of SB 840, a state bill for universal healthcare.

Blogging Dinner

August 06, 2007 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Body, Cooking, Fatblogging, Food, Health

Wild Atlantic Salmon with Wild Basmati Rice.

All in all, a very WILD meal… 😉 Years ago a friend showed me the best way to cook fish if you weren’t frying it. #1, preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Next, cut up an onion so that you have long, thin, half-moon pieces. The way I accomplish this is by cutting the onion in half and then slicing it in about 1/4 inch thickness. Next, I break apart the “layers” so that all I have are angled “twigs” of onion. Set aside…

Tear off a piece of tin foil (make it a large enough piece so that when you place your fish in the center you can bend the sides of the foil up and over the fish and crimp them together so that you have kind of a foil empanada). At the bottom of the tin foil place some wedges/slices of butter or oil (your preference), salt, garlic, your onions, and dill. Place your fish on top of this mess and sprinkle some salt on the top of the fish along with dill and some thin slices of garlic. Wrap up your foil and stick the fish in the oven for 30-40 minutes (although check it after 30).

VOILA! I made Trader Joe’s pre-packaged “Wild Basmati” rice and it went GREAT with the fish. I also made homemade lemonade which added a nice, sour/sweet cooling to the meal, although M did provide a Zinfandel that had just passed it’s prime and made a nice Dinner Port (which I’m sure doesn’t exist–and there you are seeing how little I know about wine. :)

Bon appetit!!

PS. Our two guests, M and I ate EVERY SCRAP that was on our plates. WOW. I had my “Under The Tuscan Sun” fantasy!!!


August 06, 2007 By: admin Category: Music, The Album

argel’s drums

M’s incredible drummer, Argel, is here today and for the next three days, rehearsing for the recording. I’m sitting in my office listening to drums all day and I love it. It’s so exciting to be so inside the recording of this Album. I’ve never been so near something like this. I’ve always been on the periphery filming it all.

They started early, setting up Argel’s drums. Roger came over at one point to fix one of his pieces of equipment–something that allows M and Argel to each have a separate mix in their headphones. Next Argel played through a few things so M could get a level. In the last hour Argel’s been playing his part to a particularly difficult song on The Album, and it sounds GREAT. At one point M was singing along as he played and it was magical. This Album is going to KICK ASS. :)