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A Movie…

June 07, 2009 By: admin Category: General, Happiness, My Tweets, Video, Web 2.0

So, I’ve been pretty busy just keeping it together day-to-day. I did go to a wonderful filmmaking conference (#mmn09, “Making Media Now”) recently and had a terrific time. I actually Twittered the conference and was chosen by 2 people as their #FollowFriday as a result. The conference talked a lot about social media, and using the web and the 2.0 spaces to get the word out about your films, to do activism, etc. It’s all a very fine line because just as easily as you can get to people, you can alienate them. Anyway, more on that later…

Today, as I was combing through some of the folks who are following me on Twitter I found a few things that really made me understand why I love the web and it’s social aspects so much. One of my Twitter followers posted a link to a short film. I just finished watching it. It’s so beautiful and simple and well done that I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy, and thanks to zeefred for posting. :)

Paris, Je T’Aime