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MoveOn.org Does It Again

September 09, 2009 By: admin Category: Health, News, Obama, Politics

For those who haven’t yet seen this incredible video, here ya go… Just in time for the president’s healthcare speech tonight…

Diary of a News Cycle

March 23, 2009 By: admin Category: General, News, Obama, Politics

It’s times like these that make me angry at my siblings in the media… The attempted crucifixion of treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, is what we in programming call “filler.” Nobody really feels Secretary Geithner has done anything terribly wrong. The republicans just want a reason to stand at the podium, and the “news media” wants something to report because Darfur, Burma, global poverty, water shortages, and soldiers suffering dramatically from PTSD isn’t sexy. In fact, it’s gross. We’d prefer to hang a politician, and, of course, not really hang cuz that’d be gross, and Americans don’t want to see anything gross unless it’s packaged and served up as fiction.

There was a series on Salon.com in mid-February, called “Coming Home.” “Coming Home” is gross. It’s a bunch of graphic stories about the neglect our soldiers returning from Iraq are suffering from. Some are being killed by Army doctors through seemingly deliberate drug overdoses, more are killing themselves. PTSD is slowly flaying a section of a tender generation and no one other than Salon, it seems, is writing about it. And we want to lynch Tim Geithner for something we’re not even sure he did?

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he and the President really did miss a line item when reviewing the AIG relief package. What’s to be done about that, really? Well, a) determine whether it’s true. How, in fact, were those AIG bonuses allowed to be paid? b) If a line-item was missed, how should we proceed knowing that? The answer is that, with exception of actually offering a name–like Geithner’s or the President’s–for execution, the administration is already doing everything it can within the confines of the law. This was a simple, if awful, mistake, and the administration has already said that if a solution can’t be found right now, then the bonus funds will be deducted from AIG’s bailout cash for next year. Problem solved.

How do tax-payers deal in the meantime? Well, THAT’s the discussion worth having. If I were this administration I would immediately divert some cash from the TARP to anyone who makes less than $100k and was directly affected by the mistake. For example, would that TARP money have gone to Head Start programs and now it’s not gonna cuz the AIG assholes are going to charter a ship to the Caribbean? Is there a school lunch program that’s going to suffer? Families on welfare who won’t get checks? This is the conversation worth having, not some annoying time-waster of a “broadcast” designed only to peak the morbid curiosity of a privileged society who would actually look at the gory Iraq pictures taken by returning damaged soldiers if you put’em in a movie starring Brad Pitt!

Fuck… the moral? Timothy Geithner isn’t to blame, we are. It sounds cliche, but think about it–Suze Orman has a career because most Americans (and I’m including my debt-layden self here, fyi…) are stupid. We can’t count, and we’re married to our luxuries. Part of the reason I’m taking the time to write this morning is because my Direct TV account just ended and I don’t have The Box to numb out on while I have my morning coffee. I have a lot to do and the TV allows me to avoid it for a while. But if you live in a place where there’s a water shortage you can’t afford to avoid getting up early to make the 7-mile walk to the closest public well. Your kids will die if you don’t. Do you still want to fire Tim Geithner? Will that make you feel better?

The President is doing an incredible job. He juggles the enormous tasks at hand while appeasing the media at the same time. The media doesn’t even know it’s played, they just know that they “booked the President.” Why else would a sitting President go on a late-night talk show?

We need to get off Geithner. Now.

Why I Love Him So Much…

February 05, 2009 By: admin Category: Coal, General, Health, Obama, Politics, sustainability

images.jpg …because he seems to be everywhere. Every day he’s bringing the weight of the office of the President to the departments that matter most for us today: the State Dept. to introduce Secretary Clinton and to give, basically a pep talk to the staff. When the hell was the last time a sitting president chatted with staffers live on national television?

Today the President spoke at the Dept. of Energy about the need to build a green economy, create green jobs. The man is saying, every day, things we’ve all thought for years but never thought we’d ever hear from the president.

I can’t keep getting this emotional every day… but I’ll suck it up if it means our dreams will finally come true.