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Home Is Where The Fun Is

May 27, 2008 By: admin Category: Futurism, General, House

These days my thinking is about creating spaces for people to have FUN in. It’s my whole THING and has been inspired by my house search as well as a new business relationship with a wonderful game designer. He designed World Without Oil and has just come up with a KILLER idea for me. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about here cuz I can’t yet… :)


Rather, I’d like to tell you about how this new “games are fun/fun creates happiness/your house should be game-like cuz it’ll make you happy” thinking is leading me. One example is that in my new house there will be various ways and places to have fun. One idea is to have the guest bathroom sink have the faucet fixtures exposed and then have a variety of handles hanging above the sink for folks to choose from. Going to all these green conferences, I’ve been noticing all these beautiful designs and ideas for bathroom fixtures, tiles, etc. and I just can’t decide what would be best for me. As I imagine the same is true for most folks, I’m going to let the “user” decide which fixtures they’d like to use to wash their hands. So, they’ll come up to the sink and will see a small sign (beautifully designed and created by Molly) that will let them know that they can choose their own fixture (each fixture will, of course, be a “found object d’art” that Molly and I will discover when we go antiquing in New Hampshire every weekend. Another goal of mine is to furnish/decorate the house only with recycled/re-used items). :) My whole aim with the bathroom fixtures is to see the person come out of the bathroom with a big’ole grin on their face…:)

Squatting At The New House

April 18, 2008 By: admin Category: Fatblogging, Food, Futurism, Happiness, Health, Propeller, sustainability, Video

So, we’re almost completely moved in to Molly’s Dad’s house, where we’ll be for the next three months. Looking around my new digs I see that it’s official that I have the best life in the whole world. This is my daily view:


It’s okay to hate me. :) Seriously, I live in paradise, and I just spent the morning talking to a game designer as part of my job. Additionally, coming up soon, I’m going to be able to produce four really, really, really exciting videos about some of the next steps in environmentalism. Does it get any better than this?


April 04, 2008 By: admin Category: Futurism, Video


There’s a show on TV. Let me rephrase… there’s a show on cable. It’s on The Sundance Channel, a network, in truth, that I would LOVE to work for any day of the week. Their programing is stellar, except for the marvelous hunk of shit called “Iconoclasts.”

Such a name bears vetting from a greater community than just producers at The Sundance Channel, doesn’t it? I mean, they could be all 2-point-oh-n-shit and ask the people via several THOUSAND media who THEY think are AMERICAN iconoclasts, because Americans are all the show profiles, and, as my ex-girlfriend Zan pointed out about baseball, it ain’t The WORLD Series unless teams from ALL OVER THE WORLD play in it! Capice???

If I were to be hired, by some miracle, at Sundance, my first order of business would be to fix “Iconoclasts.” Just because someone is famous, doesn’t mean a) they have anything interesting to say, or b) know how to conduct an interview. The format of this silly show is that celebrities interview each other. Would you ask a contractor to sing lead in The Police if Sting was feeling poorly….???

So, putting aside the gargantuan arrogance of that idea… um… let’s move on.

How I Would Change “Iconoclasts”:

#1, I’d call it something else, like “People. Talking.” HOW ABOUT THAT, BOB?????? Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they need a special name. Jesus Christ…

#2, I’d pair people up better. Quentin Tarantino and Fiona Apple were so uncomfortable in the pilot episode that I spent the whole hour cringing and peeking through squinted eyes.

#3, I’d have a FORMAT. You know, that, little ‘ole thing we in television use to be ORGANIZED so the show doesn’t look like a trainwreck.

#4, I’d make sure the celebs had never met. MUCH more interesting if we’re all in the “meeting” together.

So, that’s my story. Peeved that what’s supposed to be the high class channel does this one, potential cool thing so freakin’ badly…

Happiness Is Currency

April 02, 2008 By: admin Category: Futurism, Happiness

I’m going to refashion myself as “a futurist.” I know that this makes me sound like I haven’t been born yet, but bear with me… Basically, we are living in the most exciting time for media next to the days of Gutenberg himself. We are living on the forefront of some incredible innovation and I wanna be a part of it! Mobile, web, interactivity, blurring the lines of virtual and real–all these things are happening and they might be great for society.


At SXSW Jane McGonigal talked a lot about happiness. She read the same stuff I did about Positive Psychology when I was working at Laureate. Fascinating stuff. Anyway, she created an online game called World Without Oil that ended up winning a bunch of awards. It’s an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that posed the question: “What if there was a national oil crisis? How you you survive?” Gamers created alternate realities by blogging, making videos, comics, photos essays, you name it about their experience in this fictional situation. The idea was to play the GAME so we could learn for the real future. Now THAT’S entertainment with a mission. But it also brings us back to ourselves and to each other. I think that the internet, while it originally took us away from each other, is now bringing us back. Chat, Live streaming video, mobile–all these things are bringing us closer to each other again. Virtual realities like email are the new universal, and Jane McGonigal, for one, is taking advantage of that.

Happiness Measure:
HIGH. I made a new friend yesterday and helped her with her huge amounts of bottles to be recycled.