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The Calm During The Storm

August 29, 2011 By: admin Category: Happiness, Health, Living, Love, Meditation, New Orleans, Randomosity, sustainability, The Search

I’d like to start a new PAC: Americans for the Preservation of Leisure.

Hurricane Irene has been inching it’s way toward me since early this morning and while, officially, I’m keeping my eye on the weather reports and listening for sounds in my house that I don’t readily understand, unofficially, I’m watching movies and eating popcorn. In other words, the storm has given me license to do nothing but relax. And I kinda like it. But wouldn’t it be better if it didn’t take a storm of hurricane strength for me to “go offgrid” for a day here and there to catch up on sleep and let my mind be at ease? Who gets helped by me being exhausted and stressed all the time? And therefore, I advocate a new standard: the return of Sunday.

I don’t mean to make light of hurricanes. Not at all. I was in New Orleans right after Katrina and filmed a lot of the devastation and spoke to a lot of people. I just think there’s quite a bit our culture needs to re-evaluate, and appreciation of ourselves and of silence is a good start. Humility, lack of hubris is another.


March 06, 2009 By: admin Category: Photoshop, Randomosity

This is how I’m going to survive the “economic downturn”:


I’m going to fuck around in Photoshop. :) This is a fictious band, “Instrument Flight Rules,” and our first album “this book will get you started.” It’ll be available on iTunes….um… never.

Too Cool Not To Share

February 15, 2009 By: admin Category: Randomosity

For the NYers out there, or those who have visited and miss the place, CLICK HERE. :)

What I Did For Love

January 04, 2009 By: admin Category: Randomosity

 Let me just say… that I’m going to spare you the photo of an aging box of kitty litter.

Oh yes.

Molly and I were cleaning her new place and found… an extremely old box of kitty litter which the last owner obviously ignored. This was a labor of love – the cleaning of the area underneath the box – but when you love someone, you tend to do “above and beyond”-type things you’d NEVER otherwise agree to. And so it was with this.


I hope everyone else had a wonderful day. 😉

I’ve Just Been Mizrahi-d

May 01, 2008 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Body, Cooking, Family, Fatblogging, Food, General, Health, Randomosity


If you’ve never seen it, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi’s website is a MUST VISIT. This is a link to his videoblog which I think is absolute genius. I’ve always said that you can’t have a video blog if you are a) forced to hold things back and/or, b) you’re not famous. But even though he’s famous, Mizrahi has a way of being Everygay–his vlog feels like how I would do a vlog if I ever got the guts. I’d just talk about all the things I hate about myself in a funny manner so everyone could empathize and we could all feel better together.

Universality, baby. It’s what it’s all about…

Blogging dinner: Molly’s dad, John made the famous family stew/roast. DELICIOUS. I’m never disappointed by anything this man cooks, but the stew is a real wow-er. The meat melts away and the potatoes and carrots swim lovingly in a broth made of wine and beer and whatever-the-hell-else he cares to throw in there. He just has the touch, this man.  Anyway, I managed to avoid wine and an extra helping and was rewarded with a compliment from our guests: “You’re looking skinny.” I’m not, but it’s still fun to hear it. 😉

Bull In A China Shop

December 06, 2007 By: admin Category: Angus, Gadgets/Tech, General, iPhone, Living, Randomosity

How many times have you dropped YOUR iPhone…???


This is why the phrase “resale value” has no meaning for me. I’m a dropper, and a slammer-into, and a glass breaker. M and I have a joke that’s no joke at all: I’m not allowed to touch the wine glasses. ANY wine glasses, actually. And I wonder, since he always drank wine from a square-bottomed “water” glass, if my father doesn’t also suffer from The Affliction. I wonder, but I don’t think so. My father is the parent who gave my brother his coordination. You can literally not knock Michael over. Ever. He’s a stone. Or a cat. Whatever, he has SICK balance. (The same, actually, can be said for his spirit and psyche, but that’s another post altogether….)

So, I’ve dropped my iPhone a lot. Just now it was in a Starbucks in Los Feliz. I’m all the way in the back, sitting comfortably in a cushioned chair, with my feet up, listening to ranchero music and drinking really good coffee. My life is AWFUL. Thank god I drop my iPhone, otherwise things would be too perfect.

I actually don’t have shitty balance at all. I’m not the acrobat my brother is, but I’ve got some game. My problems come with forgetting–like that I have my iPhone in my lap when I stand up and not in my pocket–and with impulsive passion. I swing my arms around or throw them up into the air when I’m excited.

I’m painting kind of a circus-monkey image of myself, aren’t I…??? Oh well… what is is what is.

Late Night Salad

December 03, 2007 By: admin Category: Blogging Dinner, Cooking, Fatblogging, Food, Living, Mom, NewsQuake!, Randomosity, sustainability, Video

Sneezing is my body’s way of flushing tension. Once, when I was really high on mushrooms and freaking out, I began crying uncontrollably–runny nose and everything–because I was terrified that I would stay this way forever. Then I wiped my nose and a lightbulb went off: “That’s how it’s going to leave!” I shrieked with joy, and began blowing my nose furiously.

I’m eating an organic salad–red butter lettuce and green leaf lettuce–because I think i might be coming down with something. I’m exhausted…

I’ve never been mistaken for a rocket scientist. Just another pretty girl in the room who’s destined, in everyone’s mind except mine, to be second. Standing in line for the ice cream truck once at age 7, I asked my mother: “Mommy, am I second?” And she said: “No. You’ll never be second at anything.” Somehow, even coming from a rough childhood in socially backward 30s Peru, Mom knew just what feminist vibe to deliver to her young first-generation daughter. Not much has changed. Except that now I have to make up what she would say.

I too, like my new idol, Elizabeth Gilbert, will travel the world. I don’t know if it’ll be on my own or for a company, but the time will be mine to do with what I want. I feel the need for this coming soon, and am so moved by the warmth from my father’s voice whenever we talk about me going back to India. I grew up with my parents being afraid of me traveling. Or maybe it was just Mom, I don’t know… But Dad’s not fearful now. He’s encouraging, and sprinkles his reactions with touches of awe.

It’s 1:00am and I’m still working. I know… But I really feel a sense of responsibility to finishing these videos on time. I set the schedule for myself, but it’s not about that–I really want to ‘show up” for those few folks who are actually “watching” this series. Who knows how many they really area, but even if it’s just me, it’s enough.

Nothing’s Working

November 28, 2007 By: admin Category: Living, Randomosity, The Album

Sometimes it’s maddening how someone will behave. You give and give and they respond like you’re from another planet. I’m in debt and I’m wondering how I got there. i remember living outside Boston and being sooooo happy. Now I’m jealous of my brother’s house and wondering why I’m not moving back there and buying my own. I’ve broken the cardinal “Alexia” rule: I’ve gone and trapped myself.

I watched “The Descent” last night. It’s really not at all as scary as everyone said. Not even a little bit. Actually, it just ROCKS. It’s awesome to see a bunch of rock-climber chicks open several cans of whoop-ass on many unsuspecting cave creatures. Made me feel like I used to: like a woman who takes control of her destiny. Now, I can’t. I’m as buried in my life as those chicks were in the cave.


No wonder I’m having nightmares… Last night’s was a doozy. I thought I’d be all freaked out dreaming of cave creatures, but NOPE. I dreamed instead that I was driving a HUGE mack truck. The really, really, really big ones that movers use to haul families of twelve cross-country. When I “woke up” into my dream, I was driving one of these. At first it was okay. I was in control and surprised to find out that someone had trusted me behind the wheel of this thing. Even though I didn’t remember getting in the truck, I figured, “well, I’m dreaming, so I must just have let my mind wander for a moment. I’m sure I know how to drive this.” And with that, I pressed on the brake a little. To my great surprise, the truck responded like it was a sports car–too sensitive! Anyway, so I relaxed and thought, “well, maybe I’ll leave this dream situation as quickly as I entered it and all will be well.” No such luck. As soon as I thought that I “re-re-awakened” and was still driving, although the traffic ahead of me was coming too close. WAAAAAAAAAAY too close… I breathed deeply, trying to settle myself down and looked down at the gear shift. “I can do this,” I said to myself. And, sure enough, I slammed my foot on the clutch and threw the truck into gear. But I was still going too fast. I hit the brakes. Put ALL my weight behind them, but I literally wasn’t heavy enough to have any effect. Additionally, when I’d looked up this time the cab of the truck was open, as if it had been halved horizontally by something it had hit. I was also going down a steep hill–racing fast!–so I had to lean forward to stand on the brake. My hair was whipping around frantically, slapping my face, and my seatbelt wasn’t on. I turned to look at it, thinking I could reach back and pull it forward, but I realized I was too bent forward and that the force of the wind and the speed were too much for me to take one hand off the wheel.

So many things ran through my head as I careened toward the traffic: that I was going to die, that M. was going to die (even though I didn’t remember her being in the truck), and that the hit was going to be a hard, hard hit. I really felt, in my mind, that this was REAL. I kept telling myself to try something, that this was REALLY happening and that I should do something to get myself out of it. Before I could I woke up for real. In my bed. With M sleeping beside me.

The truck definitely represents something I can’t control. Something that has me by the throat. It’s the way I’ve been feeling for a couple of years now, and it sucks. Just sucks. I used to be more disciplined, but when you’re in love sometimes discipline is the first, and eternal, casualty. I try to be more frugal, but it never works. I see something I KNOW M will need for her music stuff, and I HAVE to buy it. There’s just no two ways.

It’s funny, I’m in the business of training people to constantly reevaluate, reassess, try to find a solution around a problem by rethinking the traditional — now I have to do it for myself and I can’t. Awesome. My dreams of owning my own home have all but evaporated unless I change things rather drastically. As the saying goes: I CHOSE this.

Fun With Photoshop

October 19, 2007 By: admin Category: Gadgets/Tech, General, Randomosity

I recently met a young woman Photoshop guru. She taught me how to load brushes from this killer site called Aethereality.net, but also how to make my own brushes… The below photo is my most recent attempt at this kind of genius. Clearly, one needs an actual EYE for graphic design, but this shit just makes me so freakin’ happy I’m gonna keep on doing it anyway. :)



October 13, 2007 By: admin Category: India, Randomosity


It has been said that theft is the biggest form of flattery. And so, here goes… I stole the following quote from IndiaUncut.com, who stole it from Steven Pinker:

“The Clean Airwaves Act assumed that fucking is a participial adjective. But this is not correct. With a true adjective like lazy, you can alternate between Drown the lazy cat and Drown the cat which is lazy. But Drown the fucking cat is certainly not interchangeable with Drown the cat which is fucking.”